And while she grows and sleeps and wins our hearts…

the others have begun the grand adventure of another school year!

We jumped back into our routine of chores and such on Monday, just to get our souls back in shape, and then Wednesday was the Big First Day.

Jameson began second grade, and Yo. He is just Too Cool For School. At least, that’s the vibe he’ll give when you ask him about what grade he’s in.

How cute is that kid??

He loves math — again. He begins any writing assignment with gusto, and rather quickly tires of it. He’s reading SO well, which is just plain old fun for me. I love hearing him read things out loud, imagining what it must be like when suddenly the world is full of WORDS that you can READ! I don’t remember that moment in my life, but it’s been so fun to watch it happen for him. He’s proudly reading his first chapter book at rest time, and loves to report to William and me about what’s happening in the story.

He also loves Legos, so (don’t laugh) two days into our first week of school, I ditched the morning routine and let them just keep building. He came up with this tractor trailer all by himself and was proud as anything.

Then there’s our kindergartener. Is there anything as fun as a kid proudly holding up their first work book?

For two years, he’s sat at the table and done coloring, puzzles, dollar store workbooks — anything I’ve asked of him — with total enthusiasm. But to finally be doing school!

I’ve been scared silly of his left hand and teaching handwriting, but after talking to some lefties, I finally decided to just take a back seat and let him sort of find his way — and he has!

And of course, we have a new pre-schooler with us this year. She sorts pencils and crayons, does her best to instigate fights with William, and just loves being with us.

And so we’ve gathered for several mornings in a row, Fiona included, and excitedly zipped through the first hours of book work and projects and read alouds. Legos and football in the backyard and washing our hands a bit more thoroughly are all a part of their learning, but those shiny new books and freshly sharpened pencils (all done by Mama, who is still the pencil sharpening Queen around here) sure do take the cake.

When not in school, these kiddos can most often be found checking up on the Red Sox.

Or actually watching the Red Sox.

It’s fun to be a kid, Yo.

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  1. nana nene

    It’s even more fun being a grandmother and just peeking in on all of this with love and excitement.
    I just saw a commercial where one of the stars was talking to a class and he said what was Miss …. teaching you and the reply was spelling.
    He said oh, your kidding right,? you use spell check for that, right??
    Maybe spell check is the way to go but not if you want to play scrabble with your grandmother.
    Nice blog Danica, thanks.

  2. Lynda Covey

    Explode the Code…excellent choice! I love that you’re homeschooling. Wished I had started earlier with my children. I did 4th & 5th with my daughter and 5-High School with my son and loved every minute of it! My daughter was too social to continue so she went back to Jr. High in Christian school and then public High School. Glad the lefty thing worked itself out. In the future, just tilt the paper in the opposite direction for the lefty. It keeps them from turning their hand. Your children are as beautiful as ever!


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