eleven weeks


Today, this newest miracle is 11 weeks old. To celebrate, she decided to become huge. Overnight. Jameson said today, “Look how big her hands are!!” So fast.

Also, to mark the end of 11 weeks successfully weathering Life On The Outside, she found her fist. I noticed her staring at it with bug-eyed excitement, waving it around and marveling. I’m not sure she’s figured out that it’s her fist, obeying impulses from her brain, but we’ll get there. (I’ve noticed that by the time any of my children have needed their fists in self-defense, they’ve figured out that hand-brain connection.)

She’s adored. Beatrice came up to us while I was cuddling Fiona yesterday, and said sweetly, “Mama, I love your Fiona Elspeth.”


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