mud pies and gold mines.

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the dirt around here. Mine, theirs — all of it.

That’s not a faith perspective.

It’s just far too easy for me to see all the dirt and start feeling like I’m working in a pig pen instead of a gold mine. That I’m wallowing in mud instead of digging a foundation.

The dirt really is there. It’s not a figment of my imagination, or gross exaggeration by a melancholy idealist — I’m a mess, they’re a mess, we’re all a mess. But how will I respond?

Will I simply marvel all the more at a glorious Savior who redeemed me? Will I see the dirt for what it is — and thrill at the faintest glimmer of gold?

While we were yet sinners, Christ died. He wasn’t deterred or overwhelmed by dirt. Not even a whole-world-full.

I want to be like that.

I want to be like Jesus.


One of my favorite people, full of gold to be discovered:



2 Comments mud pies and gold mines.

  1. Kassandra

    So precious, these moments! Isn’t it amazing the dirt we encounter and have to look beyond to find those nuggets of gold. I love the analogy, thank you!

    1. Danica

      Kassandra, I can’t take credit for the analogy! Dad used it, and the Carnegie quote, in his sermon Sunday — which was the exact message I needed to hear!


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