this week

This week has been:


— tray after tray of cookies from oven. Happy little ones licking beaters. Christmas carols playing while we laugh and talk and frost and sprinkle. Boys excitedly setting up our cookie tins, assembly-line style, and filling each one. Excitement over bringing them to grandparents and neighbors and post mistresses and anyone they can think of.


— children playing hockey in the basement, sledding and burrowing and frolicking for hours in frigid temps, Legos and duplos and even a movie, and books when Mama needed a bit less stimulus (ha!) Joyful, sparkling, anticipating. Three days of me baking, and they were only helpful.


— pauses. This season I love that speeds right by, it requires pausing. Reflecting. Praying as I pack the cookies, repenting as I light the candle, receiving as I sing the Good News. Remembering the treasure and responding with my gift of all.

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