morning thoughts

My bed was the popular spot to be last night. I was more than ready to get up when my alarm began. And the first thing I did was stretch. You can get a lot of kinks and knots sleeping around three other bodies.

There’s a funny azure-orange glow on the horizon that tells me the sun is coming. In this present darkness, though, the clear, white brightness of the morning star speaks volumes to my soul. I just stare at it — and it just shines back. Of all the majestic things declared by Creation, I think the message of the morning star is my soul’s favorite. I hang my hope there.

I quietly play a new favorite. Lyrics that remind me, as I pull out my planner for the day, that there’s a Reality I can miss in this reality. There are wars I can lose, just by not showing up. Time to rub sleep from these eyes, stir my soul, reach for my sword.

Time to follow my Morning Star. There’s Light to bring to Darkness today.

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