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Routine days. The kind you crave come mid-August, the kind that can drive you mad by March. And not just routine; in my life, in this season, routine also means little. Chats that don’t get much deeper than cool battle scenes in Star Wars and what color socks are your favorite and you’re responsible for the arm that just jumped out and hit your sister, even though you swear it did it on its own. Tasks that are not much more demanding then deciding if the aqua dress is light enough to slip in with the whites, or the slightly more complex balance of screaming babe while toddler calls for you after falling in deep snow. Beauty that is as simple and sweet as a perfect freckle and toes that are pink and the sounds of harmony rather than bickering.

These have been my days.

Trench-digging, stone-laying. Sometimes muddy and mucky and awful, sometimes with pretty rocks that fit together without even trying — but still. Foundations. Being faithful day in, day out.

Seeing past the surface and confidently giving yourself completely to the silly chats and mundane tasks and simple treasuring, because it’s about loving people made in the image of God. More, calling hearts to Christ and shaping arrows to fly true.


Football fans with their daddy, watching the Superbowl. I had no idea 5 year olds could watch for 4 hours. But they can.

Sun that shines so often here in the frozen north.

Susan Constant and Jamestown. Sometimes learning is a bit messier than a textbook and pencil. But so much more fun.

My girlies watch while I do my little morning exercise. Some day we’ll be drinking coffee together in the wee hours, three women serving Jesus. For now, they’re my little princess babes.

Watching and waiting for our paperwhites to bloom. Hurray!

That awkward hour before dinner. All four gathered and entertained for at least a few minutes. (Don’t worry; I’m watching Fiona, although she just doesn’t move much yet, in true Sinclair fashion.)

Always something to amuse: Jameson dusted the table and turned our family of elephants into “shrimp cocktail.”

A snowy day yesterday meant fresh fields of sparkling diamonds today.

Snow forts are the thing.

This one. Growing every day. Reminding me that all of these days really do add up to Time.

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