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It’s been a real-live week. Rainy days, school that’s lasting about 6 weeks too many, teething baby, 2pm that you really would like to be 7pm… Real.

Jameson prayed this morning, “Lord, help us to know that even when we struggle, that’s just part of learning to know You, and that You’ll always be there for us.”

This little boy prophesies almost every morning lately. William prays things with insight I haven’t given him. It’s the Holy Spirit. It amazes me.

And yes, we struggle. We stop and ask for patience, grace, forgiveness. We love God and we love each other, but sometimes we love ourselves more. That’s sin, but 1 John 1.9 is in our hearts lately: He forgives and cleanses. Washes. Fresh start. Try again. And here’s a Helper.


Jameson is playing coach-pitch this year. That’s him, on the left, in the air because he never stopped jumping in excitement. Best news: His Uncle Daniel is coaching him. All of his little baseball dreams are coming true.

He pushes me to my wits’ end, and he makes me laugh. I just love this kid. This morning, he was taking forever to clean the bathrooms. Forever. When I, exasperated, asked what was taking so long, he answered cheerfully, “I’m almost done, Mom! I’ve only got two left!” (He only has two to clean.) He knows how to see life half full!

William is happy and easy-going and smiles huge smiles at Fiona. This morning he kissed her and then informed me that “I think she can really feel the luuuuv when we kiss her, Mama.” Ha!

Beatrice suddenly stuck her arm straight out toward William, fingers splayed. “Wiw-yum, I am forcin’ you!” Huh? Oh!, we finally realized. She’s trying to be all cool and play Star Wars in her toddler-girl way.

Fiona was propped in her little rocker by Jameson, and then promptly surrounded by beaming siblings who were incredibly proud of her for sitting there. “Take a picture of us! Come on, everybody! Smile!” (Said Jameson.) (And yes, Beattie is wearing polkadots, crazy tights, and fishy slippers, with floral sunglasses in hand. Wow.)

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  1. Daniel Farrow

    What wisdom Jameson has! I didn’t learn that lesson until I was much older than he is now.

  2. Elise

    How powerfully the Lord moves in the real… love this, so much. Your son’s prayer? Seriously prophetic and eloquent. You are, if not proud, thankful, yes? ;)
    p.s. – Speaking of feeling the luuuuuuuv… I had my fifth baby, second daughter last year. When she was about six months old my five year old, after making her laugh for a solid ten-minutes, flopped backwards onto the couch, clutching his chest, and gasped, “She poisoned my heart with loving! I love her so much!!!” :)


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