Beatrice is 3

Last Sunday, the 17th, was the beginning of birthday season at our house. All but me will celebrate birthdays by October 21st. Suffice to say, my heart is both bursting and weeping by November (New grades? New ages? This melancholy Mama can’t take it!)

Beatrice starts off the birthday parade.

In my head, I still think we’re somewhere around here:

Oh my. What a sweet baby.

And now she is three. My mother in law says, “That child is perfect.” If perfect allows for moments of sassiness, a recent rise in talking back (testing boundaries, anyone?), and the occasional meltdown, then yes, she’s perfect. She loves people. She loves laughing. She loves telling stories. She loves singing. She loves singing conversations instead of just plain talking — we sing back and forth all the time. She loves her new baby doll and her spinny-est dresses. She loves to boss her brothers around (ahem), and loves nothing more than to go somewhere with her daddy. She loves to pray for every person who comes to her mind. She loves to pick the wild blackcaps in our yard and makes friends with every snail she sees.

You are a joy, little girl. Every day I am thankful for you.

Even though you keep getting bigger, and you do it faster than my heart can handle.

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  1. Nana nene

    Oh my !! I say with tears, happy and sad tears at the same time. She is perfect and so very sweet and loving. How can a grandmother love so many children ? I guess God gave grandmothers hearts that will stretch forever, just as He does for parents.. If only it were possible to be in 3 places at the same time. My life would be great. Beatrice is going to be a wonderful mother to her Bitty Baby.

  2. darlenesinclair

    She is the loveliest three year old ever!
    And I love how she calls them “My boys” before deciding what they should be doing!
    And I love those painted on freckles.
    And her precious hair.

    Like Jean, I must say, grandchildren are a joy that enlarge your heart that much more! What a wonder!


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