where did it go?

And by “it”, I mean summer.

It is, you know, almost a week into September, and I’m still just sort of standing here clueless, saying, “Wha–?”

A strange summer. Even my photos reflect the helter-skelter life lived these last few months: uploaded in bizarre and random fashion, almost impossible to sort.

Tonight I just browse through. Smile. Laugh. Cry a little because you know? It was a blur. But it was full of joy.

My dad rescued me when I was having tractor troubles — over and over. And over.

Matching dresses. And a little too much love.

“Take our picture, Mom, can you?”

Two sleepy-head girls after several nights of being out late while I helped Ryan.

Just a smidgen of the abundant joy I have.

(Not pictured: the redeeming work of Jesus in my heart every day, and the presence of the Holy Spirit indwelling this frail, undeserving soul every moment. Joy unspeakable.)

1 Comment where did it go?

  1. Rachel

    I am wondering where it went too! ;) Just wanted to drop a note and tell you how much I love browsing your blog when time allows. So much joy and cuteness bundled up in your posts! And a heaping dose of encouragement. :) God bless!


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