exploring and enjoying fall

An amazing forecast, living in the amazing Northeast, and having young children is the perfect reason to make the most of hikes and field trips and explorations. Books can happen in February.

Saturday was shared with my friend of 15 years. Of course, 15 years ago, we would wake up, see sun, grab coffee and jump into a car. Now we have to plan a bit more, pack a bit more, and somehow “we two” have become TEN. So, two cars, driving into the mountains, enjoying the VIC.

Sunday, the kids and I went to The Bagelry after church, followed by our first excursion to the short but magical trail on Coakley and Falls Island in Canton.

Monday was a late afternoon walk along the Raquette River in Potsdam.

Thursday, we visited a favorite trail along the St. Lawrence. We brought some lunch and school books and soaked up sunshine and fall.

Walking, perfect temperatures, four kids skipping and running and climbing and loading as many acorns/chestnuts/sticks/rocks as possible into my stroller? The only thing better would be doing it with Ryan, but I’m super thankful we’ve been able to enjoy this beautiful North Country and God’s amazing handiwork.

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