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Time is always flying, but this year it’s definitely taking me by surprise. There are Christmas trees being gotten, so I suppose it’s time to wrap up all things harvest/autumn/Thanksgiving related. Another fall: over. Check. Done.

Quick photo dump before I turn the page and dive into Christmas:

It only took 9.5 years, but at long last, Ryan loves apple pie. Maybe even more than brownies? But definitely not more than ice cream. (He’s a Dunphey, after all!)

Not enough of this, but I enjoyed every pause that books afforded.

This. *sigh* Two brothers who were too excited about the Thanksgiving books to not read them
together in bed. Asleep mid-story.

This one, growing up so quickly. Introducing a bit of running, and even some dancing, into her routine.

A first snow that was for real. None of this float-in-the-sky-but-never-land stuff. The kids were ecstatic.

Having to leave for the evening, and coming home to Fiona in her happy place, snuggled up against Nana.

A birthday party for the “twin cousins” that was too much fun.

No words.

More often than not, the only family dinners happen around one of these tables. Usually Ryan is working behind a counter and we just are happy to smile at him while we eat on a Sunday afternoon, but this time we were there after hours. Music up, happy kids, custom-made bagel sandwiches, and 6 of us all together.

Fiona, caught red-handed in toilet paper fiascos.

Growing in diligence. Blocking out the distraction of children playing in the next room, and diligently doing his work.

And Thanksgiving. A day of food and family and togetherness. Thankful.

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  1. Nana nene

    Oh Danica how I love these post where I am transported to your home and standing there smiling at Fiona and the t paper, and reading to them (at least that is what I am thinking) so much to be thankful for and right now it is the internet. :). Love and hugs.


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