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Excitement is ramping up around here. Today we exchanged names (well, the kids did) and bought gifts for one another. Four or five times, I was pulled aside because a little boy needed to tell me a secret — a bursting with joy secret because their gift is just so so so wonderful and the recipient is going to love it so so so much!

We drove home in relative quiet until William suddenly said, “Mom, I was just dreaming about opening my present [on Christmas Eve, when they exchange their gifts], and I was so excited, and then I remembered that the next day will be Christmas!! (Said in the most COULD LIFE GET ANY BETTER voice you’ve ever heard.)

Before that day actually comes, and I get swept away with everything that entails and suddenly find myself two weeks into a new year, I’ll quickly put up photos of this special month. I do so love coming to this little corner of the internet and reminiscing…


Three little girls, Fiona wanting very much to be as big as Beatrice and Margaret

Ready to get a tree

Easily entertained

Can’t wait for Daddy to come with the tree

Here it comes!

And there it is.

Early Sunday morning reflections.

Rest and reading time after decorating the bagel shops!

She loves baby dolls.

Pigtail perfection.

Cookies baked for neighbors and friends.

Special afternoons with my grandparents.

Time with beautiful sisters and their scrumptious babes.


Lots of this.

A break from routine school means time for not-routing things.

They keep careful track of this growing pile.

Drawing names!

Fiona felt very grown up with that slip of paper!

Too excited to get a picture with all four looking at me.

Lunch with family at (drumroll…) The Bagelry. (Pretty yummy!)


Have a wonderful last few days before Christmas!

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