wrapping up Christmas.

I finally got all Christmas photos moved to flickr, which was really just an excuse to savor one more time the special moments of that most special month. Thankful once again for my family, for having been taught to make Christmas special for my little clan, for a Savior to celebrate and exalt and make much of.

So, this. The last of my Christmas photos from 2014. Relived once more, and now tucked away for future late-night blog-wanderings when I’m wondering where the moments and years disappeared to.

“Christmas Eve Eve” sleep under the tree.

Christmas Eve morning, excitedly set up by Jameson

Her very first at-the-table setting. She was very happy with herself!

Beatrice at Christmas Eve dinner

My sister’s Christmas Eve centerpiece — well, one of them, anyway. We’re a houseful!

Candlelight Service. Beautiful.

Eggnog and Cookie party!

Intently sipping. I love that bow!

Cookies. Waiting for presents!

This pretty girl. And no other photos of Christmas Eve garb. I almost burst into tears when they put on their new pi’s, and I realized we would never have a photo of them all dressed.

Tree, ready.

New doll things

Fiona got her very own baby doll

Afternoon and evening at my parents’, eating and playing games.

Christmas Night. The aftermath.

And the best Day After ever: new flannel pajamas and new toys and Mama vacuuming to her heart’s content.

Deep sigh. Deep smile. Deep thankfulness for it all.

Back to the bins, absorbed into the toys, tossed into the hamper, vacuumed and dragged out to the field it all goes. And yet, not quite. Those memories, that investment, this pause becomes knit into who we are.

Until next year,

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