April, May, a bit of June.

I’ve never been two months behind in this record of our lives. I’m thankful for a real journal that continues to give glimpses into what’s going on in my heart, and for pictures, capturing days that just pass too quickly.

Today, June 9, is one of the first real rainy summer days. The green of still-new leaves on trees glows in the strange combination of sun and cloud. The scent of freshly cut peonies fills the kitchen, and a vacuumed floor helps make a cozy spot. We happily read and play and research as the sound of rain quiets. When the sun appears, the children will all run outdoors as though they’d been trapped inside for years, but for now, they all are happily content with a hemmed-in day.


Two months of highlights (in no particular order) looks sort of like this:

FedEx dropping off an anticipated box.

Watching Papa Bruce assemble the basketball hoop.

Special stories with just my baby, after the big kids went to bed.

The start of William’s first baseball season.

Freedom, after months and months of record breaking lows.

Breaking out the mower for the first go-around, and loving that exhilarating feeling of wide open spaces.

Lots of baseball practices, many of which were wet and freezing cold.

Finally resuming my early-morning walks. So, so much better than indoor workouts!

Watching baby grow to girl right before my eyes.

The perfect colored peonies that were deep-down joy to me for many days.

Boys and hoses. Laughing and shrieking and having so much fun.

Missing front tooth.

Watering baby plants.

Fiona leaving my bed behind and learning to share a room with Beattie.

Beautiful baby.

Watching this one discover the outdoors for real.

Walks about town, just because.


Ice cream, just because.

Hot sun, lawn mowers, swim suits and hoses.

My gardens sort of accidentally grow by 6 inches every year. Gotta keep up with those spreading perennials!

God likes HOT pink, too. A lot.

Lunch for two girls at William’s restaurant.

An excursion with the whole family with an end goal of business, but that included a picnic and walk in the woods, too.

Church wipes me out, too.

This, almost every day. Because #5, you know.

Setting out taco stuff (98% of which required me to open a package and stick in a spoon) resulted in, “We get to make our own??! You’re the best Mom EVER!”

Picking out paint colors at Lowes, because that’s way better than being bored.

Exulting in a finished year!

Loving to spend time with these happy kids.

Breath taken away by how lovely and unique this girl is.

And how old this one is getting.

Loving this one’s enthusiasm for whatever it is he’s doing.

Best of all?

Incredibly special moments making known what happens in a quiet, child-like way every day, all day.


2 Comments April, May, a bit of June.

  1. Jeannie

    I just got home n opted to not do my housework.. It will be here tomorrow, so feet up I read this latest posting. You always make me feel like I am part of the activities even though I can not be there.
    Loved every picture, see you all in a month. ????

  2. Linda

    I’m really very excited for you. When I read that middle update, it made me say “YES!” outloud. So thankful for the Lord’s work in your family life. You really have a beautiful family. Love in Jesus, Linda


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