August blew in fast and furious as Ryan and I worked with our friends to open the newest shop. This new life of business-owning-and-expanding is both exhausting and wonderful. We all roll up our sleeves together — even the kids, whose daily routines change constantly as the seasons of our family ebb and flow.

Along with that, August was also:

Trying very hard to get dinner on the table once in awhile!

The excitement of new curriculum trickling in via big brown boxes.

Little girls in Mama-made pjs that they just loved wearing. (Already too cold at night, for the most part, to wear such summer frippery!)

Celebrating my mom’s 60th birthday with a lovely outdoor evening.

Quick errands and getting to catch a glimpse of him training.

Backyard picnics!! Finally!

One serious garden day. Oh, it was wonderful!

A few crazy house projects, finished quickly, thanks to my trusty sidekicks Jameson and William, and dear friends Liz and Carol.


Exhausted little girls who would nap anywhere (since I was oiling our hallway floor and we couldn’t use the bedrooms!)

A paint-spattered, growing belly.

26 weeks and growing an Olympic gymnast, I think.

This guy.

And so flew August.

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