september 19: jameson turned 10

September days are always nostalgic for me. I am instantly brought back to the days when I was awaiting my first baby: more tired and achy than I ever imagined possible, growing in excitement, feeling my mind and emotion become incredibly focused on one thing. I love the expectancy of the end of pregnancy!

This year, as I walked past our first apartment early one morning, and heard the whispering leaves that lulled me to sleep many afternoons of that late pregnancy, I tried to wrap my mind around a decade.

And I can’t.


We celebrated him and loved doing so. We were able to bless him with a few special extras, like the fire and s’mores he requested, and even an overnight with two friends. Altogether, three days of birthday partying. We laughed and asked how that happened, but he was blessed and affirmed and so thankful. He’s growing up, and we are so proud of, and thankful for, the young man he’s becoming.

an amazing older brother

thrilled to share his special day with Patrick

That picture shows my favorite part about him: the crinkly laugh lines around his eyes. He is so cheerful, so attentive, so caring.

He is a gift.

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