chats with Beattie

I’ve been stitching the last bits of decoration onto costumes for the upcoming musical, and yesterday as Beatrice and I sat, her working on an embroidery project, me sewing another band of gold ribbon, she said,

“You don’t sew very much anymore, do you, Mama? That’s kind of true, isn’t it?”

I smiled. “Yes, that’s true. Not very much. I have five children, you know!”

“Yes, Cecily is number five and she keeps you very busy.”

Thoughtful pause.

“But that’s good that you’re very busy, Mama, because that means you are always taking care of your children.”

Heart melt and attitude check all in one instant. Out of the mouth of this babe comes the sweetest encouragement, and the startling reminder of how I am shaping her value system and ideology by my example.

She sees that I’m busier than ever with the care of these beautiful children. Does she see that it brings me joy, and that my service is prompted by sacrificial love? I pray so.

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  1. Darlene L Sinclair

    Oh, dear! Such cherished words! They will resound in your heart always and will continue to bring strength and refreshing in days to come. This is the treasure often hidden and unseen for years to come, but you’ve seen a glimpse right here! How wonderful!

  2. Nana nene

    Oh I m so sure they all see it. Just as the rest of us do. Take a bow not just Mother’s Day but every day. ???
    But, seriously! That Beattie ? always watching n so aware. I can hardly wait til she
    Comes up with her ?? This visit.


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