A decade of William

William Sinclair Dunphey, my second beautiful boy, born mere hours after celebrating Ryan’s 36th birthday, turned ten this past weekend.

How we cherish him!

Sitting here and pondering who he is and all that there is to value in him, I’m struck by how intense and aggressive his love is. He is deeply invested in each member of his family, aware of us and who we all are, engaging with each of us each day in meaningful ways. He is also incredibly self-disciplined and already has a tough time when I direct the day in a way that disrupts his carefully laid out school and chore plan. He is learning already to take a deep breath and cheerfully serve, trusting that God knows the needs and desires of his little heart. He is black and white and likes rules to be observed, and here, too, he is already being shaped as he lives in a house full of renegades and wretches who are in the process of sanctification. Gentleness. Kindness. Understanding that life is not always lived through his perspective. These are lessons he struggles with and then latches on to with that intensity. He is deeply sincere and will occasionally weep over revelation of his sin and the brokenness it has wrought. He is sweet and funny and kind but he is not all softness. No, there is a rod of iron in there, a burning heart of integrity that makes me think of David who aggressively pursued the presence of God.

And now he is 10. Again, I wouldn’t trade this blossoming young man for the world! But oh — his sweet little dimpled face and games of dress up and crying for Mama at night… that all was too fleeting.

Happy birthday, dear sweet William. We treasure you.

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