three and one.

Enid turned ONE last week!

But before I try to wrap my head around that, a pause for this amazingly wonderful little girl who brightens our days:

She is full of energy and affection and attitude, and as much as we sometimes want to tear out our hair, we all so often find ourselves exchanging amused smiles over yet another too-adorable moment from our Cecily Anne. My favorite recent quote was at dinner when she looked at me with a very serious face and declared, “I just realized I don’t like this [asparagus].” If you’re emphatic enough, she figures, grown ups will move out of your way. Or if you just smile with sparkling eyes and chubby pink cheeks and give the sweetest hugs and kisses.

Three is so fabulous. God had a lot of fun coming up with the idea of three year olds!

And then, all the while she’s been growing, so has another little one. Somehow, my brand new baby quickly and quietly learned to walk, jabber, inhale cooked carrots, and make her desires clearly known. How does one year change so much?

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  1. Nana nene

    Funny how they all have been able to steal the show. Beatrice as the photo bomber. Fiona as the sweet innocent, shy looking star of Chitty.
    Now Cecily with her cheeks and overly expressive face. ?
    So fun to watch. Even from afar.


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