books: again

This is one of the books we have most enjoyed reading this winter. We had it from the library for the maximum 9 weeks, and now have moved on — although I’m tempted to get it again this next time around. Jameson loves it because it’s about snow and snowmen, mittens and scarves, fireplaces and pancakes.

I love it because the illustrations are unique. I’m pretty sure you can almost feel the waxiness of colored pencils. And you can definitely feel the cold of November when you turn to the first page of gray skies and migrating geese.

I also love it because it’s one of those one-word-a-page, Mom-makes-the-story-as-long-as-she-wants kinds of books. ;)


I’m also enjoying Patricia Polacco. We’ve worked our way up from simpler books — like Oh Look and Mommies Say Shh to some of her longer story books, like The Bee Tree. (Jameson is suddenly super-excited about having honey on his toast!) Yesterday we read Just Plain Fancy, and then [for a really long time] watched videos of chicks hatching on youtube. (Aside: Isn’t youtube amazing? I mean, really. We watched chicks hatch, roosters crow, giraffes give birth, and lions roar, all on youtube yesterday.)

Her illustrations are incredibly enjoyable — colorful, silly, detailed, and imaginative.


What books are you enjoying?

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