Bind My Heart

this song came out of a dry, apathetic season. After weeks of striving for more love, more passion, more intimacy, I finally was broken enough to be honest about my desperation. In turn, God was honest with me: I didn’t need to be rebuked for my lack of passion; rather, I needed to have my eyes opened. For when we see Jesus in all of His worth, beauty, and holiness, our hearts will quickly turn from the distractions of the world and once again cling to Him fully. Don’t ask for more passion. Ask to see Him.

when my heart is far, come find me
when my eyes are dry, moisten them with tears
when my lips fail to sing Your praise
fill my heart again with Your song

there is none so lovely
You have captured my heart fully
there is none so worthy as the Lamb
there is none so holy
here in fear and love i fall
bind my heart secure to You

when my love grows cold, send fire
when my soul is dry, streams of water
when I’ve been seduced by this world
lift my eyes to see a vision of You

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