Deserve It All

a brief trip to China left me overwhelmed by the love and power of God–that He would rescue a people devastated by sin, and redeem them as His own. the example of His sacrifice continually inspires me to greatness. when we realize the fullness of His love, the only right response is the fullness of our own.

the more i see of You the more i need You
to be like You is impossible for me
as i know more of Your holy calling
i know that i can do nothing without You
without You
i need You
Jesus, fill me with Your Holy Spirit

You have put this treasure within earthen vessels
that Your glory may be loudly proclaimed
and in my greatest weakness You will show Your strength
that Your grace may be loudly proclaimed

so i surrender to Your Potter’s hands
only You can make me what You have planned

treading water, boxing air
am i getting anywhere?
my best attempts are only vanity

teach me to love and to esteem
to speak the truth in humility
to know the spirit of the law, keep You as center of it all
deny desires of the flesh
to this world reckon myself dead
forsake all else and count as loss all for the treasure of the cross

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