Follow Me

there is a valley of decision each disciple comes to–whether to turn back to the comfort of their nets, or to answer the call to follow. it’s not a light decision, but when He unites our heart to answer, it’s not a hard decision. He is the pearl of greatest price. [special thanks to jim elliot and amy carmichael–traces of their inspiring writings made their way from my journal into this song of dedication.]

“follow Me,” i hear You call
“deny yourself; it’s none or all.
give what you cannot keep for what you cannot lose.”

deep in me, You stir a cry
a longing to find not my will but Thine
yet a war lingers on; a question is raised:
will i die to myself and live for Your praise?

unite my heart to fear Your name
touch me with the coal that will leave me ever changed
heart and soul are desperate for Your touch
but You’re asking how much will i give
i hear You say, how much will i give?

less of me, more of You
sacrifice I will choose
dreams and desires You ask me to yield
that Your purposes for my life may be revealed

deep in me mark Thou Thy cross
and when Thy touch of death lies on a thing most dear
let me recognize the answer to my prayer.

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