Lead Me

I’ve always been told to not ask the question, “Why?” But when a peer of mine was killed in an accident a couple of years ago, I found myself doing just that. Through tears of agony, despair, and frustration, the peace that passes all understanding finally dawned, and my heart recognized a love it could trust. He knows us, He loves us, and we can trust Him. I’ll not be shaken.

who sustains my life?
none, oh Lord, but You
and in Your hand You hold all of my days
not a thought, not a word escapes Your sight
and if You see a sparrow fall, surely You see me
and when the winds of doubt assail
i still know it’s true
that though a thousand stand against me i can trust in You

lead me to the rock that is higher
show me the path of life
hide me beneath the shadow of Your wing
all my trust is Yours forever, forever

many floods of water cannot quench Your love
not even death can separate me from You
You do not ask me to understand the power of this love
but to follow and to trust the goodness of Your hand
though the fires and storms of life threaten to consume
if i stand they’ll only serve to make me more like You

You are my strength
because of You i am not shaken
those who put their trust in You
will never be forsaken

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