Psalm 131

there are times of darkness for each of us as we struggle to present ourselves as instruments of righteousness to God. my confidence in these times is that He forgives and redeems. while reading psalm 131 one day, the idea of fearing Him because of His forgiveness became alive to me. if there was no hope of forgiveness, would there be any love and worship in my heart towards Him? indeed, it is because of His mercy that we find ourselves adoring and revering this Savior of our souls.

from a heart so dark and deceitful only You can fully understand
out of these depths i have cried to You, Lord
let Your ear hear my plea!

Lord, if You should remember all iniquity
could i stand? could i stand?
but with You there is forgiveness that You may be feared
so i will hope in You Lord
for with You there is such mercy
and You have redeemed my life from death
yes, You have given me new life

my soul waits, waits for You, Lord
Your word is my only hope
as those who await the first light of dawn
in my night i watch for You

let us come boldly to the throne of grace–
mercy, such grace

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