Psalm 51

With the exception of Psalm 23, this is the oldest song in this collection. It was this prayer, set to music, that opened the floodgate through which many more songs have poured. I don’t think it coincidence that it was a broken and sincere expression of repentance which marked the beginning of a closer relationship with the Lord. May we always approach God with the humility of David, for it is to those that God gives grace.

Have mercy upon me, Oh God
According to Your lovingkindness
For I have sinned against You Lord
It is ever before me
You desire truth
And I have walked in darkness

Purge me, and I will be clean
Wash me and I will be whiter than snow
Restore to me joy once again
Hide Your face from all of my sin
Create in me a clean heart
Create in me a clean

I will bring an offering
May it be pleasing to You
A broken spirit, a contrite heart
These You will not despise
Do not take Your spirit from me
And do not cast me away

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