Stand in Wonder

there are moments when He sets us safely in a cleft and shows us Himself; it was one of those times when i wrote this. cinder block walls and fluorescent lights in a little practice room at school–but for that moment, there was only the glory of God. and i knew something that doubt could not touch: when we realize the power of the hand that holds us, the strength of the love that keeps us, and the faithfulness of care that leads us, there is utter security.

great is Your faithfulness, King of forever
from the rising of the sun to the end of each day
You who establish mountains
by Your strength and might
You who still the roaring of seas
and the tumult of my heart

i stand in wonder
at the glory of You
immovable, unchanging
the face of eternity
and i stand in silence
i know not how to speak
for the hand of eternity holds me

great is your kindness, Love everlasting
every morning let my life bring Your glory
neither death nor life can keep me from this love
things i see and things to come
You oh Lord know all my days

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