“Until I see You face to face…”

My soul is clinging today to Him, to grace, to a haven of promise. Yesterday was like a torrential downpour on my soul–and just when you finally get an umbrella of faith opened up, a gust of wind comes and blows your teeny-tiny umbrella inside out, leaving you drenched and undone. Bedtime was the best thing of the day, as much as I hate to admit it.

So today I woke up almost cautiously, quietly and astutely approaching the new day. Is it safe for me in this land of the living?, my emotions wonder.

And yes, of course it is. Not because the waters of life are serene and placid, necessarily, but because God is on the throne. “His mercies are new in the morning,”
Ryan said to me last night. I said it again to myself this morning, thinking, “I’m glad the mercy is plural. I need every single one sometimes.” (Although I’m not sure how you have mercies. Isn’t it just mercy, no matter how much you have?)

Ryan had the coffee brewing, a few candles lit, and my favorite mug waiting when I stepped past the bedroom door (and this is backwards, for those who aren’t regular morning visitors around here–which made it extra-blessing-ful!) I sat with my banana and coffee, and the phone rang. It was Merrick, absolutely thrilled because he discovered that the new light saber we bought for him glows in the dark! He loves it even more now!

Ryan danced in the middle of the kitchen. “Why are you and Sarah exactly the same? Where did you guys get this from?” He just laughed. I smiled, glad for the enjoyment of humor, something totally lacking in yesterday.

Worship music plays in the background of my life, reminding me, inviting me, to look up.

So I will. I’m looking up.

Oh–and look, the sun is peeking out!

Deep sigh. It’s gonna be okay.

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