the fab five

So, I know… I was tagged but haven’t come through for you. I tried to get Ryan to oblige us, but he just smirked and said, in no uncertain terms, “NO.” I suppose he has a professional reputation on the internet or something, unlike the rest of us who just hang out here for fun.

I’ll do my best, real quick. I want to take a walk before the day is gone. (A random fact, by the way!)

1. People used to harrass me when I was little about my red hair and the temper they assumed was associated with it. This was actually quite serious. I believe it actually created an opportunity once for Mom to talk me through “blessing those who persecute you.” (Don’t laugh! Just think of strangers taunting you about a character flaw that you don’t even have! It’s awful!)

2. Many of you know this, but for those of you who don’t, I’ve shoplifted at least three times in recent history. What can I say. In the words of the last cashier who observed this unethical practice, “Ahh, she’s just a flake.”

3. I’ve had two pets in my life–a stray cat and a stray dog. They were removed from the premises of our house when they proved what my mother already knew: pets are way too much work.

4. I used to have a sticker book, which I would bring with me when I visited friends, and we would trade stickers back and forth. Ryan didn’t ever have one.

5. I’ve been in London, New Delhi, and Tokyo, but only gotten as far as the airports. What a waste of jetlag.

There. Done. Off for my walk!

P.S. Ryan says, “Can you please clarify the shoplifting thing?” This is how it works: I pick something up, and then get distracted, forgetting I ever took it. I walk out, and ten steps from the store the friend I’m with says, “Danica! Did you pay for that?” I turn beet red, slip back into the store to return the item, and sheepishly find my friend, hoping the cashiers aren’t laughing at me too much. It’s hard being an airhead, you know.

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