2 Cor 4

I read this today and noticed this for the first time.

Even Paul, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, third heaven guy, had his days when he just didn’t get it. And even when that happened, he never despaired. What a great example.

I love these moments, these glimpses into our heroes and their real-life Christianity. I love when they come down to my human level and I realize that even a man who, under the inspiration of God Himself, wrote most of the New Testament, was a believer just like me. His faith was child-like, and that means that things went over his head sometimes, but even so, he was content because he knew what God was [is!] like, and that was enough of a firm footing for his faith.

Maybe perplexed, but not despairing. Confident in hope, joyous in expectation. Not always understanding each moment, but fully convinced of the end. That was Paul.

May it be me, too.

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