So, this sounds really super-duper lame, but I have never memorized my login info for this blog — I just made a nice little bookmark and never gave it another thought. Of course, upon returning from Spain, I discovered that my husband had reformatted all of our computers (yes, I said all), and every single favorite, and every single bookmark, had been wiped away. Being the great memory that I am, I promptly asked Ryan about this four weeks later. (!)

That’s one reason there have been zero updates.

The other is that, well, I’ve just fallen quiet lately. My mind is quiet — simple, still, or silent. I’m not sure why. I swing from being disconcerted over this to simply chalking it up to a “season”. But regardless of my response or my interpretation, it is what it is: a quiet spell.

I will say that the Iberian Peninsula was breathtaking, the Atlantic from that side turqoise, and Madrid on a Friday night beats Times Square hands down.

I’ll say that being pioneer, heading Westward in the Kingdom, is as admirable as it is challenging, and it’s good to get the reminder that we ought never to lose our sense of adventure.

I’ll say that spring is always magical, and the first screen-door-day is liberating.

I’ll say that prophetic presbytery is profound in its impact, and I’m so thankful that God gave gifts to men, for the sake of us, the Church — how much richer we are for them!

I’ll say that packages from other continents addressed to me are awfully fun to open — especially when they’re filled with baby clothes or great-with-child-mama clothes!

I’ll say that it’s hard to believe the midwife is my midwife, and not my mom’s, and that she put that magical goo on my belly, and not my mom’s, and that the little heartbeat is my baby’s!

I’ll say that looking for baby stuff online is way more fun to do with my favorite little mother of three, and that ending it with a game of Scrabble is more than just a good time; it’s a special little gift of God season.

I’ll say that playing piano is fun, having friends over is even more so, weddings are exciting and great to be a part of, office work is not as bad as I thought it might be, and that it’s hard to clean a house while you’re doing all of the above.

And that I love my husband, I love my mom, I love baby Jacks, I love my sister who made me look beautiful today, I love my sister far away, I love my sister who “started cool”, I love my little girls who are bigger and more fun every day, I love my sisters-in-law who reply quickly to my pleas for help, I love my look-alike-daddy, and so many other people…

…and I love simple reminders to love the Word, and to steadfastly sow to the Spirit. It will bear fruit in my life, change in my heart, and newness in my spirit — and maybe some thoughts in my head.

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