The 10-day forecast, with its gray clouds and highs of 58 degrees, definitely put a damper on my mood.

But then I heard how badly the golf course needed ten days of rain, and my perspective changed a little. Now, as the rain drops spatter on the window that is only letting in grayness, I think of those thirsty greens, greedily drinking up every drop, letting the wetness seep deep into their roots.

Perspective: there is a reason for the rain.

I hear You, Lord, speaking to my heart. I don’t like the rainy days, but I need it, too, as badly as those greens. It feels like a flood, like torrents pounding and drowning. But it’s seeping in, deep into my roots. The dusty soil of my heart is settling, turning the rich brown hue of fertile ground. You’ve come like the rain, answering my prayer of Psalm 1 — that I might be fruitful in my season.

So let the rain come, and help me to hold on — to be watered and not washed away. One of these days, the forecast will be golden sun, and I will find that the rain did not kill me, but rather, brought life.

There is a reason for the rain.

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