on baby, home, and seeds.

Jameson is over 13.5 pounds. Amazing! His cheeks are round and firm, his legs are beginning to show signs of chubbiness, and his wrists are increasingly just rolls! Along with getting bigger, he’s also getting older. His eyes are bright and clear (and a beautiful dark blue, just like his daddy and Aunt Julia). They recognize me and follow me around, although his favorite person to watch is Ryan. Jameson always watches Ryan. (Guess how thrilled Ry is by that!) His newborn cry has developed into the wail of an older baby, and he “talks” more and more. And remember this? On October 25th, Jameson totally made my day when after getting fussy with his grandmother and aunt, he was passed to me and immediately stopped crying. He didn’t want to eat, he just wanted to be with me. I’m sure I was beaming!

His best time is in the morning, right after he wakes up. He doesn’t have to eat right away, but instead just talks and talks and curiously looks around. For the last couple of weeks, that was his special time with Nana Dunphey, but now it’s just me and him. Today I made coffee and did some exercise while he stared out the window.

He sleeps with his mouth closed. This is a phenomenon to me, as none of my siblings or niece and nephews manage to do so.

And he keeps everyone guessing as to who he looks like. My guess is that he’s probably a nice mix of both his mom and dad.

I love being home. For the first time in a long time, I’m feeling a bit like myself, and homemaking sounds like fun again. Today is food day — think through menus, stock the cupboards, cook enough for at least one night. Both Ryan and I will benefit from a purposed, healthy diet, especially since the season of pumpkin pie and Christmas cookies is fast approaching!

Tomorrow is laundry day — if I can make it till tomorrow. That Mt. Everest I’ve referred to is about to topple, even though I washed everything just a couple days ago! I have a vague memory of life a couple years ago and only doing laundry once a week. Huh. Amazing.

And then there’s the chore I don’t really want to talk about: sorting Jameson’s clothes and putting away what he’s already outgrown. His little arms are sticking out a bit too far for these cool-weather days. So. You can do it, Danica. Just take a deep breath and put them in the attic.

Living for His pleasure… My heart is in a constant struggle for who sits in the throne. You know the one I mean; it’s familiar to every believer. Every once in awhile, Self slips back up there, and I don’t even notice for awhile until the Holy Spirit taps me on the shoulder, and I realize He’s not where He should be. Recently I’ve been challenged once again to be willing to make the right decisions and lay my life down and be poured out as a drink offering — and to do so not because I think I’ll get a prize, but just because I want to please my Father. Some day there will be rewards for those who seek Him (we must believe that in order to please Him.) Those rewards may be evident now, but He may choose to reveal many only in eternity. Regardless of what and when, my joy must be in simply obeying and loving Him. Even if my life is hidden in obscurity, and nothing ever seems to come of the seed I sow, my satisfaction can be that He is worshipped and enthroned in my heart. And of course, the wonderful thing is knowing that He cannot be mocked, and every good seed I sow must and will bear fruit accordingly. But the fruit is His job; the sowing is mine. And sometimes I need to remember to sow not because there will be fruit, but just because He asked me to… and it’s my joy to follow Him.

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  1. Lore

    thanks for the call. thanks for the words. thanks for the email this morning. i’m crying in the computer lab—this always happens. . .

    i miss you.

  2. Judy T.

    As you you know, my mom was in church yesterday. When we got home she said, “I glanced across the aisle and saw Danica sitting with her baby. She just sparkled!” I think you sparkle, too.

  3. Deb

    This is beautiful. Thank you for the reminder to do what we are asked just to please our loving Father, not because of the reward. That is the heart of a worshiper.

    I am quite partial to chubby little cheeks, too! And Kim will be relieved to know that she will eventually “feel herself” again.



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