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I know for a fact that my mother raised nine children, and she did it without farming us all out for a month every time a new baby was born.

I know for a fact that my sister comes to church with three children in tow — and they’re all dressed with matching socks and hair bows. Oh, and she’s dressed, too.

So then, I wonder, why is it that day after day, no matter how hard I try, by 11:00 all I have to show for my efforts is a dressed and clean baby who is fed and back asleep — while I am still unshowered, in my pj’s, sitting in the midst of the mess that little elves must make while we sleep at night. (The fact that I go to bed with a tidy house and wake up to clutter is a mystery I have yet to unravel. HOWEVER, my socks don’t disappear in the dryer. One less mystery for me to solve.)

And while we’re on the subject of “how do they do it”, what do I do when Jameson outgrows morning naps, but I need to take a shower? By baby #3, I suppose there are older siblings who can scream the alarm when the house catches on fire, or the baby is stuck between the rungs on the highchair, but what about with baby #1?

Maybe I’ll just cross that bridge when I get there. And maybe I should hurry up and take my walk while my baby-who-still-naps is napping. (Another question for another day: how do you exercise with more than one baby to juggle?)

P.S. Did you all get a good look at the photo below? Can you imagine waking up to that little face every morning? Even if it’s because he just spit up all over my sheets, it’s still the sweetest greeting I’ve ever gotten.

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  1. Keila

    I can relate to that! When I finally felt like I was managing my mornings smoothly with Elena, Adriana came along! It is a good Sunday morning when Elena´s hair and my make up are done, we managed to eat breakfast AND made it in time for prayer meeting! I love you, and knowing you, you are probably doing much better than I did… he,he,he…!

  2. sarah o.

    It gets easier! At least with one. I haven’t added another yet, so I don’t know about that. I still wonder about how my mom had a newborn and home-schooled us. But Kate is 16 months now, and I can shower whenever I want to. She plays around the house and wanders in and out of the bathroom. It makes for a cold shower with the door open, but I can hear her little voice, so I know she’s okay.
    And on Sundays I have to lay out all her stuff the night before and get the diaper bag packed ahead of time. Plus, dad has been instructed to be ready to go a half hour before it’s time to leave so he can help me if I am behind schedule.
    And he’s still really little! It took me a few months to figure out how to do stuff with a little one. And to have the energy to do it! It was a lot better once she could entertain herself for a while.

  3. Angela Sundaramurthy (Garone)

    Having three in 3.5yrs and another on the way I can say this: It CAN be done! Only not with Pottery Barn/Martha Stewart/Pier I flair. (I ditched those catalogs shortly after I realized this). Many people hear about how little my husband has been home (even overnight) in the past five years and they exclaim, “I don’t know how you do it!” And my initial reaction, however silent, responds “What do you mean?” But my verbal response is usually, “I don’t know either!” We moms, we just do it! I find that looking back on the days of having only one baby is very similar to looking back on my elementary school days. Gosh! Second Grade was so EASY! If I could go back I’d master school- piece of cake! HA! If I went back to the days of one baby, PIECE of CAKE! But when I only had one baby it was SO HARD. That’s because it’s a learning process, and we moms toughen up. We wait on the Lord, and He renews our strength. It’s all good.

    I’ve learned how to cast off the unnecessaries… like, PJ’s for example. I admit it! More often than not my children go to bed in their clothes, so long as they’re comfortable and fairly clean. They get a bath when they’re dirty (during the winter, this is like once every two weeks). Babies stay in their sleep-n-play until it gets funky (young babies that’s after every meal. But a 1yo can go about a day and a half). My Cassie’s butt-length hair gets braided the same way every time I comb it, so it easily goes back together without too many tangles, and I only do it once every 2-3 days. Personally, I take many showers (mostly at night after everyone is asleep), but I don’t wash my hair but every 2-3 days. Shower caps are my best friend! And when baby is little I pull their bassinet into the bathroom, or strap him into his carseat on the bathroom floor. Older children hang in the doorway with a Johnny Jump-up or otherwise join me as they play about my feet. I don’t bother with cute baby clothes until my child is crawling. Otherwise they’re wardrobe consists of onsies in the summer and sleep-n-plays in the winter… along with Carter’s bibs- lots of them!

    You’ll work it all out. You have good training in the area of mothering and homemaking where I was trained to eat, drink, and be merry all my childhood. If I can do it, you DEFINITELY can do it! Be sure to update us on your own tricks to dealing with life. I can always use some good advice!

  4. Heather

    Hi Danica!
    Jameson is just so handsome and I’m sure you’re eating up each moment with him. So glad to read up on your life as a new mom. Congrats over and over again!


  5. Helen Kinnen

    Ah, the post of a good mother who was so busy looking tenderly at her first born son, so busy savoring these fleeting precious moments of his total dependence on her and her alone, so busy delighting in this little bundle, that she forgot the clutter, forgot herself… and you think you have a problem?! Don’t be a hurry to juggle what you see others juggle! That will come soon enough! Enjoy the luxury of complete devotion to just ONE!

  6. margaret nordberg

    you are doing a great job. how many of us have a newborn and and write with such prosaic inspiration about their new child, have their husband looking great, have meals and keep a neat household (i know your cute apartment is well in order). everyone says the time goes so fast and that is sooooo true. i really remember vividly, 30 years ago when elizabeth was jamison’s age so just enjoy this time. if you don’t get dressed some day, oh well. have fun with the little guy. all those other things do pass away and the children will always remember the love, devotion, prayers and time you spent with them. all those are eternal things that count for a big something in God’s economy.
    love you lots and if there is anything i can do don’t hesitate to call- even if it is just company. thank you so much for your kind words in your e.elliot blog- that was very encouraging to me and i needed that right then.


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