we miss you.

louissaThe little man and I miss you, weese. We talked about you today — about the night you came and held him, and about the night that you tearfully and relunctantly said goodbye. I wore that sweater you gave me then, by the way. Finally! Either my baby bulge has lessened, or I’ve just come to terms with it. (No comments on this, please.)

Jameson says to tell you that he’s wearing 3-6 month with no trouble, and that he definitely recommends 6-9 months for any winter-garb purchases. He also says he’s working on getting fatter and even cuter for your visit, and he hopes to have his smile perfected by then. (Of course he’ll save one just for you!) He’s proud to report that he’s bigger than Mara, even though, in true gentlemanly fashion, he gave her a five month lead. I, for my part, am vacillating between a proud mama and a sad-to-see-her-newborn-go mama.

Anyway, we think about you all the time. Whenever we have a little photo session, I remind him to look nice for his far-away aunty. Doesn’t he listen nicely? Aren’t his pictures cute? I try to keep them updated regularly so you can watch him grow. (Well, you and several other family members.)

Come soon. Jameson can’t wait for you to see his Christmas tree, and for you to hold him while I frost cookies. Won’t that be fun? We think so.

Love you, weese.

2 Comments we miss you.

  1. louissa

    i can’t tell you how often i check my flickr to see if there are any new photos up. i think everyone here knows that “i have a nephew who was born just a few days before i left!” i think they all know that i sit in front of the computer and just look at picture after picture talking to myself and him. i just wish i could be there and here at the same time. how can i be so happy and so sad at the same time?

    i love you. so much. give him lots of kisses for me.

  2. Judy T.

    Did I mention to you last night at the shower that Jameson told me how much he misses his Aunty in Germany! She won’t believe what a little chunk he has grown to be…more to love and hug and cuddle.


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