Mondays have a tendancy to put me in a frenzy. I wake up and suddenly realize that the weekend left me with a huge pile of laundry, dishes on the counter, a shortage of food, a house that needs to be cleaned again, and I’m more exhausted than I am rested. So, with that in mind, I went to bed last night purposing to take things in stride.

So, when the morning was a wash, I didn’t get out of the shower until 2:00, and then just when I was thinking I’d finally get to the grocery store, my husband began throwing-up and the baby woke up screaming, I couldn’t complain that my day wasn’t going as planned. Because, actually, I was doing exactly what I’d planned: taking whatever the day brought in stride.

Ahh. It’s nice to not get so worked up. I need to do this more often!

bronwynThis little girl is such a doll. She is completed enthralled with Jameson and defies all theories regarding the attention span of a sanguine 2-year-old by gazing at him for as long as I do! Each time she sees him bundled in his carseat, she tugs on his hat and looking at me with her sparkly eyes, gushes, “I just luff (love) his bwack hair!” And she had Bri and me in stitches when last week, as she gazed at him adoringly, she suddenly said to me, “Don’t you just luff his wittle hands?”

Yes, Bronwyn, I do.

And I don’t care what anyone says, there is nothing cuter than a baby in a pilot cap.

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  1. Andrea Josephs

    I knew it looked like a pilot’s hat! Funny! Jameson is getting so big and Hayla just loves him, she loves the pix of him. We visit your site almost everyday to see if there are any new ones. We love them all! Can’t wait to see you all again sometime.

    God Bless: AnDi


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