parent training

Today I read this — “instant, thorough, and cheerful,” a la 1888!

Such talk challenges me, that’s for sure, because I know that before beginning child discipline, there first must come parent discipline. An instructor instructs in what they already know, and so the image of what I would like my children to be — diligent, obedient, responsible, prudent, kind, joyful, respectful, deferent (on and on it goes!) — is a measuring stick for my own behavior.


The Lord has His work cut out for Him!

(Which reminds me: My mom used to tell us, when we would complain that grown-ups didn’t have to get spankings, that God does spank grown-ups — “and trust me, you’d rather have me spank you right now than be a grown-up getting spanked by God.” How true, how true!)

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