baby mozart?

You know you’ve fallen into the “my kid is the cutest and smartest ever” trap when you say with sincere amazement, “Honey, look! He’s already learned how to try to eat his own sweater!”

A thought: If my kid really is so genius, wouldn’t he be trying to eat something other than a sweater? Just a thought.

4 Comments baby mozart?

  1. louissa

    oh, but he is amazing — didn’t you know that eating ones sweater at his age is a sign of having a high IQ?

    this really did make me laugh, d. it’s too cute!

  2. Stacie

    Ever written notes in your head to someone? Sometimes I’m afraid I’ve given myself the false impression that I’ve actually sent some of these “head-notes”.

    In any case, I’ve been meaning to tell you how very much I’ve enjoyed your (and Ryan’s very amusing) posts. It’s so great to be able to keep up on what you’re up to these days and it’s fun to keep up with Jameson too! I’ve been smiling in recognition at the familiar “new-mom” feelings as I’ve been reliving them of late with Mariah. Joe loved to tease me after Joel was born when he’d catch me humming “I don’t wanna close my eyes…”

    Aromas or elsewhere, I hope someday before too many years have passed, we can chat about motherhood and such over coffee in person.


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