I’m so glad for the celebration we’ll have tomorrow. There are so many things on any given day that I really, truly am grateful for — but I just forget. On some days, I might even make you think (shame on me) that my life is only worthy of complaint. That is a sad, pathetic way to live, and so I’m thankful for Honest Abe, who put “Thanksgiving” in my daily planner once a year. And I’m thankful for Bradford and company, who showed by example that an attitude of gratitude is just that — an attitude. You can either complain that all you’ve got is corn, or you can thank God that you’ve survived on corn.

And for what it’s worth, I think this day is worth decorating for, preparing for, and not rushing into Christmas for. Hooray for Mayflowers and freedom, for food and family, and for God and His guidance.

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  1. Amy

    yeah i know what you mean… there is so much to be thankful for. But sometimes we do forget about it. The things that God has done for us should never be forgotten… that was a really good post..

  2. louissa

    i have one of the most recent pictures of jameson as my desktop background right now. after getting on the computer for a few times, i looked at it again, and thought that it looked a lot like d’s baby pictures. just wanted to let you know. : )


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