Here’s a good exercise I came across today. I’m opting to answer one question a day for the next month, as there are too many for me to truly ponder in one sitting. Hopefully they will provoke me to an intentional pursuit of God in this new year. It’s far too easy to just roll through the stop sign that we call January and never take inventory or listen for the Voice of my Shepherd.

The second question — my question of the day — asks what supernatural thing I will ask for this year. I was stopped short when I scanned my requests, written down yesterday morning. Huh. Every one of them needs God, but on the other hand, not one of them is truly God-sized.

Salvation, the Holy Spirit whispered. I’m such a wimp. I ask for big things in tiny bite-sized prayers, afraid it’s the only way I’ll ever get what I ask for. But God really can bring salvation to those dear to me, and He can do it this year. Why not ask?

What’s your God-sized prayer? Do your hopes and vision for 2007 reflect, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven?” My dad says to look around you, ask yourself, “If Jesus showed up, what would He do here?”, and then pray that way.

I want to be a part if ushering in the kingdom through prayer.

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  1. brietta

    I sighed in church as I wrote again for certain salvations. That request has been on the slip of paper every year that I can remember. I wondered if I should bother writing it, or just keep it in my heart this year.

    And then I remembered Kathy Thomas’ testimony. But for the grace of God… And I thought, “He can do it. He really, really, really can.”

    Perhaps this year is the year! I pray it is.


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