love you so much.

Jameson sat on my lap tonight, happy and “chatty.” He learned a new spit/lip-buzzing technique that he’s quite pleased with, and he showed me every variety he knows. For at least 10 minutes, we just sat and laughed and buzzed and wiped drool (his, not mine!) and loved each other.

We say all the time to him, “I know! Isn’t it so much fun that we love each other?” I think we’re both just so enthralled with the fact that he loves us!

Anyway, we spit and talked, and I mimicked every sound he made, which encouraged him to try more sounds. And I loved it.

He’s my baby. I still pinch myself, almost 4 (!) months later. I spend half my night awake, half my day nursing, the other half changing diapers, and in between play with rattles and buzzing my lips… But somehow, still, I can’t believe this little munchkin is mine.

He’s my little blessing, I tell him. Even though I’m never, ever alone (a fact that is just recently dawning on me), I still wouldn’t trade his company for any alone time, anywhere in the world.

Alone will come soon enough, should Jesus tarry.

Time buzzing lips and laughing with my crinkly-eyed, drooly baby will pass oh-so-fast.

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