photo overload

Jameson is officially a little man now, thanks to a coat from friends and a hat from Auntie Sarah. (Mittens are from daddy, and Jameson absolutely loves just staring at them.)

He’s a cheery morning person and always greets me with a smile as soon as his eyes open. I love it! We play for a bit before his bath, which he also enjoys. Yesterday I put him on his tummy, and he actually liked it!

This discovery led to more tummy time later, during which I went a little nuts with the camera — and then couldn’t pick just one picture. I mean, come on. Which one would you be able to leave out?

He’s also starting to enjoy toys a bit more — although I still don’t think he realizes he’s able to move his hands intentionally, he does a lot better at holding onto things by accident! Yesterday I gave him a dog to play with, and then had to photo all of the hugs!

The puppy was a diversion while I quickly sewed up some pillows for his basket.

The adorable baby from the photos is squealing on the floor and would like someone to play with him, so that’s all for now. Maybe I’ll get some Christmas pictures up later. Better late than never, right?

[Edit: they’re up.]

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  1. Jackie

    love the photos!! I saw some looks on Jameson’s face that reminded me of you, Danica, rather than Ryan. Isn’t amazing how babies can look like both parents at the same time?

    Oh and thanks for the piano info. I really have to get moving on that.

  2. Lore

    I cried yesterday telling Kylie about the newest addition to my home family. And again today looking at all of those photos.

    He’s the cutest. Really.

  3. Lisa Criscitello

    What a handsome little guy. Such a perfect mix of both you and his daddy. Is he really that big? Wow- when I saw him today I thought for sure it was Jackson! Good boy getting big so quickly! Did you receive my e-mail?


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