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Jameson seems to have inherited my dry skin — poor kid. His forehead especially seems to suffer, and so a few days ago, I determined to find some remedies in my stash of baby products. I struck gold.

Before Jameson was born, she gave me a basket of baby bee products. I used the powder right away, but fell into the habit of just grabbing the Johnsons or baby magic. Silly me — how much I was missing.

Now, we start by pouring a capful of
into the water.

Next, we scrub his hair and chubby body with

The idea of bar shampoo seemed strange to me at first, but can I tell you that the lather from this bar is as rich as any expensive lotion you’ve ever used? It’s amazing.

We continue the moisturizing process with

I know some people think babies are only babies when they smell like

Not true. There’s nothing nicer than that buttermilk lotion.

Our favorite lunch these days is baby spinach, good seasons made with balsamic, and



Yum. Healthy and delicious. Oh — and easy. That’s important.

Merrick is smart. I’m not just saying that. Of course, there’s the whole college-level knowledge of the stars and Greek mythology, and the fact that he helps my high school-age sisters with online research for their papers (his google abilities impress us all.) Then today, he asks me, “Do you know what a miscreant is?” He told me, because I didn’t know. I asked him where he learned this; he said he heard it on a movie, didn’t understand the word, and so looked it up in the dictionary. Looked it up in the dictionary. I’m pretty sure the freshmen at Potsdam in my (ahem) liberal arts courses didn’t know their way around a dictionary — or the alphabet, for that matter.

Okay. That’s all. The baby’s done nursing. :)

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  1. Jackie

    While it doesn’t smell very good, Eucerin cream is fantastic for really dry skin. I’ll have to try the Burt’s Bees products with this baby. I seem to pass along my skin issues to my cuties as well. Thanks for the info!

  2. Emily

    I love the Baby Bee stuff too – though I had to give away my buttermilk lotion when we found out Larry was allergic to milk – even his skin was sensitive. The apricot oil was great for his cradle cap, though!

  3. Emily

    To answer your questions about milk reaction…

    We first noticed a problem when Larry was very young – five weeks old. He had noticable red blood in his stool, starting suddenly and continuing until at least one week after I had eliminated all dairy from my diet. One day I forgot that I couldn’t give him expressed milk from before I had quit dairy, and that one 4 oz. bottle gave him a few more days of bloody poop. Poor guy! He also had eczema on his cheeks and scalp which cleared up after I quit dairy – it looked like very red, sometimes scaley skin with pimples in it. His face was even sensitive to certain soaps I would use.

    Other symptoms are not so hard to quantify, especially in a five-week old baby. I really didn’t notice until after we had cleared the dairy out of our respective systems that his behavior changed a lot – less crying and fussing. I thought he was just “that kind of baby” – little did I know! He also had less “explosive” diapers.

    Fortunately, he’s had no trouble with any other foods, and has tolerated dairy when I started eating it again. He’s been eating dairy foods for about a month now, and we just started on whole milk this week, a little more each day. So far so good! Our GI doc is very cautious (we introduced solids very slowly) and he’s still not supposed to have eggs or peanuts until he’s much older.

    I hope this hasn’t been the five-dollar answer to the fifty-cent question. :)


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