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(26th? For real? You’ve gotta be kidding! Somebody tell me what on earth I’ve done since our lovely New Year’s Day dinner that took up TWENTY-SIX DAYS!!)

You’re Invited:

To all who are interested, we are having an openhouse party to celebrate Carina’s new business venture, Carina Sinclair Hair Salons.

February 9th
14 Miner St, Canton (her salon)

Carina is registered at crateandbarrel.com, walmart.com (check her “wishlist”), and has a wishlist at wish.carinasinclair.com

Questions? Contact me: danica[at]dunphey[dot]com.

Merrick spent the night with us two nights ago. He woke before the rest of us, of course, and snuck quietly into our room, where Ryan and I were dead to the world, a little munchkin also sleeping between us.

“Boo!”, said my little brother, and I jumped awake. So did Jameson, and oh, the grin of absolute happiness when he realized Merrick was smiling down at him! It didn’t matter that it was much earlier than he usually wakes. He was ready to go play with his uncle — and play they did.

This led me to two realizations (things I’d pondered, but now saw in action):

First, having older children is such a blessing. Someday, I thought to myself as I made coffee and eggs and tidied up without worrying about a fussy baby, Jameson will be Merrick’s age, and he’ll be entertaining whoever the baby is. The sole responsibility to feed, clothe, and entertain will no longer fall on my shoulders. How different that will be!

Secondly, I’m so, so, so glad for God’s design when it comes to breastfeeding. Camilla came over later that same morning, and so once Jameson began to get a bit tired, she took over the job of entertaining him while I made cookies. As she laughed with him and sang with him, played with him and read to him, I was so thankful to know that no one else can feed him. No matter how many children I have, and how many older ones there are to play with the baby, I’m at least guaranteed the job of feeding. I can’t imagine handing Camilla a bottle and giving away that time with the baby, too. How easy it would be to go through an entire day without ever having spent a moment of purposed investment with my baby!

Along those lines, an older mom commented shortly after Jameson was born, when I told her how many times I was up feeding him at night, that with coming babies, those midnight moments will be so precious — the only moments when it’s just me and them, cuddling and whispering.

Yes, I thought. Our little midnight rendezvous, mom and baby.

P.S. This is a fabulous article on breastfeeding. Lots of great thoughts and insight.

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  1. sam

    I always loved breastfeeding for the same reason. M was the first grandchild, on both sides, so everyone wanted a piece of him (and to share their wealth of wisdom on what I should do, when, where, etc.) But the minute that boy cried to be fed it did not matter who had him, or what their opinion was, I knew the best way to feed him and did. And I was the only one who could. Gotta love God’s design!

  2. sarah o.

    Yeah! That is my favorite article on breastfeeding! I have been thinking of printing it out so I can share it with people. I am glad you found it too.

    And it is so nice to be the only one who can nurse the baby. (Although, mine is not so much a baby anymore…) I know she will always be brought to me when she is sad, and I will be able to soothe her. I also love the way it is an immediate remedy for bumps and bruises once they start walking.


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