I am so tired today.

Sooo tired.

Ryan said, “Looks like you tried to compensate for a lack of sleep with more make up.”

I didn’t miss a beat: “Yup. Figured with enough concealer, I could turn my the circles under my eyes from deep purple to at least a nice lavender.”

Growing up in the Bill Gothard-era of Christianity, I was always under the impression that make up was popularized by the adulterous, Proverbs 6 type woman. Now I know that’s not true at all. The true champions of make up-wearing are the mothers of young children who are trying desperately to convince themselves that they don’t need a nap. No, really. I don’t. I’ll just use more blush.

Does your house taunt you when you’re tired? Mine does. Never when I’m all upbeat and peppy and ready to take on the world — just when I’m tired. Everywhere I turn, taunting. I open the microwave to zap lunch — chili splatters all over from last night’s bachelor meal. I walk by the table and suddenly realize there’s gobs of dust between every spindle on all of the chairs. Gross. How can I possibly eat while sitting on such grime? I’m sitting nursing the baby, and even the fruit gets in on the torment — the cantaloupe is mocking me with soft spots, reminding me that I’m about to lose another $3 if I don’t cut it up today.

I swear, there are never chili spatters on days when I have energy.


Looks like it’s gonna be a candlelit night around here, Bri. You know what I’m talking about! :)

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  1. Keila

    I couldn’t agree more! I can’t even begin listing all the things that weigh on my shoulders when I go to bed at night and I plan to do the following morning, just to go to bed the following night with the same things to think about! It doesn’t happen when I’ve had a good night sleep (but then again, I can’t even remember when that happened) and feel energized. Oh well, right? I remember having heard I think, Mrs. Kinnen say “Your house is a tool, don’t get too focused on it” and not understanding what she meant at the time. Boy, do I know now!

  2. Lore

    remember what i wrote to you in my email last week? about being tired? and about being the healthy family i thought of? it’s still true! i love you!

  3. Ryan

    This posts nominates me for supportive husband of the year–for sure. (Even without people knowing that I am the causation of the chili splatters.)

    If only you could conceal my shortcomings like you do those circles!


    Note: This comment concerned Danica–thought I might be upset…I was just kidding! Get some sleep babe; Jameson and I will go out for Ice Cream.

  4. Angela

    yes-the house does seem to only taunt when tired, hey? that was funny, but true. nice thoughts. it is never when we are energetic and ready to conquer the world…which of course, seems to be few and far between. i just threw out a banana and a 1/2 b/c of not using them and i momentarily lost my train of thought… anyway, comment to ryan made me lol. good article on breastfeeding-and youre right-gotta love Gods design-I am SO thankful that i am the only one who can feed my babies-it rocks!!! and its a good excuse to get them back when you are tired of someone else holding them…:)

  5. Angela Sundaramurthy (Garone)

    Nancy Campbell talks about a time in her life when she went without make-up. She was getting to a more spiritual point, but one thing I chuckle about was what she had heard Billy Graham say once. Someone had asked him if women should or should not wear make-up, and Billy answered, “If the ship needs painting, paint it!” Aint that the truth!? In fact, I think I’m going to go to Macy’s tomorrow and just beg them to PUH-LEEZE make me look pretty from the neck up. I already know I’m pretty, but the bags and batters of pregnancy could use a good cover-up. I may even get so bold as to have my picture taken at Walmart or something. Afterall, my due-date is on Monday. I might as well have one last thing before I enjoy every-two-hour feedings. ;-) I’m looking forward to the new adventure with our fourth baby, but I also want to enjoy the transition.

    Too bad I didn’t train my children well from the start. If Cassie (now 4yrs old) were to enter a room and say “BOO” at an early hour, we would most likely have Seth (2.5) running in behind her to copy her, then she’d yell at him, then he’d scream at her, obviously feeling threatened, then she’d push him, and Grace (1yr old), if she could climb out of her crib, would be toddling toward our bathroom to swish the toilet water or turn on the bath tap (the hot one OF COURSE), and Sonny and I would be pulling the covers over our heads thinking, “Just five more minutes!!!”


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