My first “I’m a horrible Dad” moment.

At exactly five months to the hour, it happened.

Danica came home this evening, and I took Jameson (still in his car seat) and set him upon the table. Per usual, I unbuckled him and began to unbutton his jacket. Something however diverted my attention away from him, and somehow, the carseat tumbled over the edge, Jameson fell out mid-air, and proceeded straight to the hard floor.

Thankfully he wasn’t hurt, but I was crushed.

It was my first “I’m a horrible Dad” moment.

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  1. brietta

    It’s probably actually good that he wasn’t buckled in! I did the same thing with Bronwyn once– only she was buckled in and landed right on her nose. I felt terrible. But maybe that’s why she can fall 20x/day now and not get hurt???? :)

    Jameson’s already forgotten! And it’ll make for a good story later in his life.

  2. Heather

    He’ll never remember… and I’m sure so many other parents have done far worse on accident.
    To answer Danica’s questions-
    I love Allison. Next week will be my third private appointment with her but in March I’m starting group sessions. I’m looking foward to it. She has a younger woman apprenticing under her right now named Leslie, and she’s just as wonderful. I appreciate how much they explain and take their time. Since things didn’t go so well last pregnancy, physically and with our doctor, I’m enjoying the whole process so much more now.
    I wanted to ask how Allison was during delivery?
    Jameson looks so adorable. Such a little man.

  3. Nancy

    Ry:you may have a few more over the years…(horrible dad moments, that is.)
    But you are a great dad. When Jameson smiles and coos in your direction,
    you will be assured of this.

    BTW: do you wish to borrow 20/20 Vision? I will bring it Sunday.

  4. Angela Sundaramurthy (Garone)

    No offense, but I’m sure it won’t be the last “horrible dad moment.” Even with four children my hubby is still making memories. But I must say I make tons more “horrible mommy moments” by far! When Cassie was 7mos old I was visitting relatives. My grandmother offered to feed Cass while I took a shower. I set the carseat (Cass not in it) on the stool, assuming Gram would move it to a table or something. After my shower, on the way down the stairs, I heard a huge thud. Apparently Gram fed Cassie her meal while buckled in the carseat ON THE STOOL! Cassie fell face flat on the floor, carseat strapped to her back like a turtle’s shell; a big bump on her forhead. She puked up her entire meal, but hasn’t shown any memory/damage because of it. Oh, I could tell you stories: like when Seth got his neck tangled in speaker wires. Or when hubby fell asleep while “on watch” and Seth crawled to the choking hazard side of the room, found a moldy bottle, and fell asleep (instead of choked to death), or when Seth (recently) managed to walk our 1/4 mile driveway towards the main road with speeding semis and was rescued by the neighbors before hubby realized he was gone. Or when Seth was found one chilly morning in the woods with just a shirt and diaper on, following the chickens. (boys are much more mischievous than girls) Or when I pulled the chair back when Cassie (then 18mos old) was sitting on it… she fell off, bounced off the floor and slammed her head on the corner of a metal desk just a fraction of an inch from her fontanel (soft spot) that, had it been just a teenie bit to the right she’d be dead or brain damaged. Ohhhhh, the stories can go on and on and on and on and on. Like yesterday when Glory (2wks old) was found with a bedsheet wrapped around her head during her nap. No, her siblings did NOT do that… she just squirmed herself into the predicament! Thank the Lord the sheets are very thin cheapo’s from Family Dollar!!

  5. Timothy

    Yeah, you’re a horrible dad.

    Just kidding.

    Let’s start spitball’in another rendenvous. I need to review Bastiat’s The Law with Jameson. Any weekends in particular look good come April/May?

  6. LisaCriscitello

    Looks like you opened a can of worms.
    At a recent well-child visit to the Dr’s office my children came up with the following:

    Dr.- If you were at a friends house and you saw a gun, what would you do?”
    7 yr. old- Oh, I’d definitely shoot my brother.

    Dr.- Do you always remember to buckle up?
    8 yr. old- No, basically we never wear seatbelts. My dad says they’re stupid.

    Dr.- Do you know what to do when there is an emergency, like say, a fire?
    5 yr. old- Well, my dad has a pressure washer so he would just put it out.

    Dr.- So what time do you go to bed at night?
    4 yr. old- Well, when mom is home- 8 o’clock. When Dad is home we usually play Tiger Woods until about, umm, 10 or 11.

    Can you guess who got the raw end of the deal here? The funny part is our reaction. I had red cheeks and was ready to dish out some serious beatings. Eric- laughed and was like, “Silly kids- they’re so unpredictable!”
    Your little guy is unbelievably ADORABLE!!!

  7. jean (nana nene)

    remember i told you the story of your falling down the upper 1/2 of stairs in your walker, ending up
    at the front door on your head. all because your mother opted for the nice wood high chair and not a cheaper chair and the badly needed gate. i cried so much harder than you did and except
    for a little ( maybe not so little) mark on your forehead you were fine. love mom


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