Yes. So. Let’s just start right in, shall we?

::I just returned from my aunt’s wedding. It was a bit different — they got engaged about three weeks ago, and decided to get married without much to-do. A date was quickly set (a Monday morning, no less), and the spot reserved: an uncle’s split-ranch in Cortland, NY. Her brothers and sister and their offspring, plus a few “Florida Sinclairs” (cousins) for good measure, all converged Sunday night for the grand event. Monday morning Carina did Judy’s hair, everyone dressed in their best jeans and sweaters, and Annie magically created a beautiful brunch buffet. The ceremony was short, but my eloquent Dad made sure it was no less special or significant. We cried and all laughed, and then clapped exuberantly when the new couple was introduced as Mr. and Mrs. — Huh. In all of the celebratory shouts and hugs, we missed the last name. Does anyone know Huck’s last name? That was the question of the hour. Oh well. Details!

::Ryan left for a week in California. Amazingly, this is only the second time he’s traveled out there for work, although we were prepared for as often as every month. Also amazing is that as often as I’ve gone away and left him here — for quick overnights, to long tours of Spain — he’s never left me. Little man and I are here by ourselves. Well, almost. Aunt Beans is occupying the guest bed. I’m not so scared of the dark when she’s here. :)

::No husband=no cooking! And no picking up projects by dinner time so the house looks nice! This means the apartment is looking, uh, worse before it gets better. Is that a good way to put it? Hopefully, we’ll be a little more organized and a little less weighed down with extra, unnecessary belongings by the end of the week.

::There are pros and cons to this husband being away thing. Pro: I thoroughly cleaned the bathroom this morning and am looking forward to a week of it pretty much staying that way. Con: There’s a spider in the bathroom, and I don’t kill spiders. I’ve tried now, a couple of times, but my hand just.can’ Ryan? Can you help me?

::I’m reading a book Ryan bought for me. It’s old — 1882 — and a bit flowery, and it has a bit of a “half a cookie” theology (choke, choke), but all in all, I’m very much enjoying it. The title may sound as though it’s a book for wives, but not at all. It’s a book on the making of a home, and every person’s contribution. The fact that it’s written pre-feminist movement is incredibly refreshing; he just assumes that everyone knows men should be manly, and women their complement. Ah. I’ve just started the chapter on “parents”, and he writes of the incredible effect of a first-born child on their parents. (By the way, I have no idea of how to use “effect” and “affect.” I’ve pretty much given up on ever getting it. But when I’ve got it wrong, go ahead and correct me. I might as well keep trying!) He writes of how this new babe brings out the best and noblest impulses, and it made me wonder again why it is that new couples are encouraged to wait before starting a family so that they can have time to just be together. I don’t really understand that, since a baby has such a forging effect on a marriage relationship, and also brings out qualities in your spouse that make them that much more… loveable. It’s just one of those things where I wonder if we’ve gotten too smart for our own good. I’ll have to think about this more.

::Jameson was asleep by 10:15. [Begin Hallelujah Chorus.]

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  1. Lore

    This is how I remember:

    Affect=verb=action—Affect and Action both begin with A
    Effect=noun=thing (in this case, consequence)—Effect begins with an e and consequence ends with one.

    That might be too complicated, but it’s always helped me figure out the difference. . . now if only I could figure out the who/whom thing (Although, in my grammar class last semester, our professor insisted that the boundaries for common usage of whom are lessening and it really isn’t that important any more. . . but that doesn’t mean I still don’t want a solid answer!).

    love you!

  2. Angela

    yeah-what really is the difference between those two anyway? and i’ve had a hard time w/it too. wish lore left an example. sorry bout the spider. isn’t it nice -the no cooking/ndg to pick up before husband makes it home thing? i like that. glad carina can keep you company. i don’t do well w/hubby away-if even for a night. it’s always good to have a break from our everyday chores. cool about the bathroom. it does always seem to stay that way when the men are away for some reason, doesn’t it? but, alas, these are good men and we love them nonetheless, hey? :) glad you had a good time at the wedding. it is time for the hallelujah chorus when the children ae sleeping, isn’t it? :) thanks for your encouraging comments on my post. i really appreciate them!! and you are right…some things do make for good stories. :) hugs to you!


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