the 24th.

He’s home from the west coast — and fast asleep. An all-night travel itinerary, followed by a drive home from Syracuse, brought him home at 3pm utterly exhausted.

The closets are cleaned out, the dresser drawers a bit tidier, labeled bags are ready to be deposited at various locations, and I’ve “greened up” the house.

Yes, as much as I’m in love with orange in October, and find great comfort in red and white all through December and January, at some point I realize that green really is my favorite. So this week I put green tapers in all of my candlesticks, my green quilt once again adorns our bed, and a new green bird decoration sits atop my secretary desk — a harbinger of spring, I hope?

I guess I’m not overly optimistic on that point, since snowflakes still hang in my window and I decided to wait on the robin’s egg wreath. For now, a little sage, a little grass, a little apple here and there are satisfying my desire for spring.

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  1. Angela

    yeah-definitely looking fwd to spring. sounds like Louissa is experiencing it already. that’s one thing i loved about BC-spring arrives around now out there and it is lovely. however, for now, I’ll continue driving w/my windows up. :)


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