rest and love.

Today was an honest- to- goodness day of rest. Sometimes you need one of those. I love the Sundays that are full of church, dinner at a friend’s, football with family, evening visits, and the like — but every once in awhile, a day of just us, just here, is perfect.

And today was that. We had a wonderful church service, followed by bagels, and then we came home. Jameson fell asleep nursing, as did I! And he kept sleeping while Ryan and I sat in the living room, on the Macs, quiet and together. Then a movie and an evening of laughing at Jameson’s new love for his own voice, of popcorn that tasted just right, and sitting all together on our bed.

Now our day of rest is ending. If all goes as it has, I’ll be asleep soon. Ryan will go to bed later than he means to. And Jameson will be up at 2, 4, 6, and for good at 8. (Rough, but it won’t last forever.)

Life is blessed. But even as I revel in the goodness that is all grace and love, that blessedness reminds me that His love is ever seeking, never satisfied with ninety-nine. Will I let His love do more than just bless me? Will I allow it to work His heart in me?

And, on love: We most need to be loved when we are most unlovely. So emphasized my father during his sermon. Oh, that challenged me! How shallow even my deepest love seems when measured against His standard! And how earnestly I desire to be a vessel of true, life-giving love!

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  1. Timothy


    Is that ‘Macs’ as in the plural form of the word? There was one when I was there in December, which worried me. Are there now two? What is the world coming to if you are both freewheel’in on the Macintosh computers? Am I alone in my shock? Where is the loyalty? Sooo dissapointed that you may have left the ‘so much fun’ world of PCs. I mean, seriously, think of it. Virus software? Malware software? Firewalls?

    Your loss.

    (Seriously though, I priced an iMac @ the Apple store this weekend – so exciting!!! Can’t wait!!!)

    Was that microwaved.

  2. Lori

    Danica- I am surprised that Jameson is still up at 2, 4, 6, and 8! Wow. That must be exhausting for you. Does he nap much during the day? Now, I am slightly worried that Mikayla is sleeping 10 hour stretches! Maybe, I should be waking her up?!


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