while the veggies saute…

::This was my meal plan and shopping list for this week, and so far, rave reviews. Of course, we started off with a nice roast chicken dinner, since for only 2, the meat goes a bit farther. (I mentioned to Ryan that I don’t remember ever having roast chicken growing up, because a chicken is pretty much a joke when you have 9 kids to feed.) The rice from that meal went into the soup, and the carrots into the potpie. My budget and my baby both appreciate such efficient cooking.

So, Nan, what’s cooking next week? I think you should post recipes on Saturday. That’s when I make my meal plans and grocery lists. :)

::Today was free pass, as I announced to Ryan when I woke to see… Well, that’s the thing. I couldn’t see, for all the ice on our windows. I put on sweats and have not done much other than play with a sweet baby, chat over coffee with my very favorite guy, and (re-)write favorite verses in my journal. And start this evening’s dinner.

::Wanna hear one of my favorites? “My soul clings to You; Your right hand upholds me.” (Psalm 63) Proof that theology needs balance. :)

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